Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seth Harwood's Crime Podcasts

If you think you would enjoy listening to crime fiction then I'd like to steer to toward three of Seth Harwood's projects. I've been a fan for a while and, besides being a nice guy, Seth's a very talented writer and podcaster (except when he does the voice for Momma Ponds).

CrimeWAV is a nifty concept. Crime writers read their short stories. Episode 12 just got posted and it features Megan Abbott reading Cheers. Megan recently won an Edgar for Queenpin. The other authors so far are Vickie Hendricks, Jason Starr, Christa Faust, Gary Phillips, Dave Zeltserman, Mark Coggins, Charles Ardai, Tim Maleeny, and Reed Farrell Coleman. This is an outstanding lineup and I've enjoyed hearing their stories and their voices.
Promo for CrimeWAV

Seth came on the podcast scene with the first Jack Palms story, Jack Wakes Up. Jack is an ex-actor and ex-drug addict. Since then there have been two more Jack Palms stories and Seth is starting to appear in print. The Jack Palms stories are hard boiled stuff, lots of violence, and immensely entertaining. He does his own narration.
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Jack Wakes Up included a drug dealer named Junius Ponds. He was a popular character and Seth decided to give him some back story. Young Junius starts with Junius a teenager (16 yrs old?) in the Boston projects. When I listened to the first episode I was reminded of The Wire and in a good way.
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