Saturday, September 20, 2008

New TBR and LibraryThing

I'm experimenting with pulling in covers from LibraryThing. You may not see an image. Tim Spalding says that LT has to figure out what the *best* cover for a given ISBN should be.

My TBR stack has been refreshing itself at a pretty fair rate these days. I was fortunate to score all four volumes of David Peace's Red Riding Quartet from one of Declan Burke's "Best things in life are free" giveaways. This series deals with the Yorkshire Ripper but also deals with police corruption and I'm not sure what else. I'd been salivating over these books since I heard of them.

Michelle Gagnon sent me an IM in Second Life about a discussion with the Athena Isle Writers. Turns out she was being interviewed. I couldn't make the event but I did learn that she is the author of Bone Yard, a novel about serial killers. By all reports it is a good read and the first couple of pages have grabbed me. If you look for this book in Barnes & Noble, check the general fiction section. Border's puts it in the mystery section.