Friday, March 21, 2008

Guidelines for Reviewing

I'm a casual reviewer, posting most of my reviews on Revish under the user name Max where I also keep track of the books I've read. Paper lists didn't work for me and I figured I might as well describe the books while I was at it.

I've often pondered the act of writing a review and how much detail to include about a book.

Kerrie at the blog Mysteries in Paradise considers this in the post How much to reveal in a review. I like the guidelines and have decided to adopt them for my own. Kerrie starts off by saying that the reviewer should only reveal what is in the first 50 pages. Later, she asks if it wouldn't be better to change that to a 20% rule to accommodate longer books that might take a bit to get started.

Kerrie's post helped clarify reviewing for me and I recommend you read the entire post.