Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Blue Door & Fangland

I finished a couple more library books and have reviews on Revish

The Blue Door - this is an excellent mystery by David Fulmer. It is set in Philadelphia in the early '60s and introduces Eddie Cero (like zero but with a "C"), a prizefighter leaving the sport and reluctantly made an employee of a private investigator. Eddie gets interested in the disappearance a black singer, Johnny Pope, three years previously after seeing his sister sing in a night club. This is one of favorite books of 2008.

Fangland - this is a vampire story that has more in common with Bram Stoker than the modern, sexy, urban horror vampire we see on the shelves today. You could subtitle it "60 Minutes Meets Dracula" since it involves a television news magazine "The Hour." It is written in the form of letters, emails, and journal entries. It is an excellent return to classic style horror story.