Thursday, February 14, 2008

More New Reads

In addition to the Edgar nominees I mentioned int he previous post, I've recently finished the following books. The links will take you to the Revish reviews.

Atomic Lobster by Tim Dorsey. My favorite hyperactive serial killer and devoted Floridian, Serge A. Storms is back in this latest novel by Dorsey. If you like Carl Hiaasen and Jeff Lindsay's Dexter, I would recommend Dorsey.

Fell: Feral City V.1 is a graphic novel written by Warren Ellis. It is a gritty noir police story. Excellent in all respects.

For the Dogs by Kevin Wignall. Wignall is the author of Who is Conrad Hirst? For the dogs is his third novel. I've only read two of Wignall's books but they both feature a hit-man who is, if not likable, at least sympathetic. This is a story of a surviving family member seeking revenge for her murdered family.