Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Note to Self

UPDATE: Wow! According to FeedBurner I have 4 subscribers. Now that I actually have an audience I'll have to work on my writing skills. One reason I started this blog (besides keeping track of books, podcasts, etc.) was to force myself to write something on a regular basis and develop some ability to compose quickly and coherently. Another reason is professional. I'm supposed to be a technology advocate and I figured I should practice what I promote which is why I registered with FeedBurner.

Reminder for next posting - figure out the voice in which I want to write and stick to it. I started this blog to keep track of the books, movies, podcasts I read, watch, and listen to. I seem to be writing rambling reviews, author profiles, in the style of writing for an audience. My main intent is still to keep a personal log of what I read, so, am I trying to get too fancy?

By the way, I have a great admiration for bloggers who can consistently produce great reviews and book summaries. Take a look at what the librarians write at the Williamsburg Regional Library's Blogging for a Good Book.