Sunday, July 15, 2007

Invisible Prey, John Sandford

Invisible Prey is the 17th in the Lucas Davenport/Prey series. If you enjoyed the previous stories then you won't be disappointed with this latest addition to the series. The antique market provides the background plot and Sandford works it into the story nicely. A lot of the enjoyment in reading a Lucas Davenport novel is watching how patterns emerge from seemingly minor events with a fair amount of redirection as Lucas sorts things out. We see the action from both sides - the police and the killers - and Sandford skillfully tightens the elements of the story, bringing cops and killers closer and closer together. Adding to the story is the macabre, sometimes obscene, and sometimes humorous dialog between the police officers and other characters as they discuss the cases: one major, serial killings; one politician sex escapade.

Invisible Prey is a very satisfying read and I recommend it. As with other books I discussed, I think it is best to read the previous books in order in order to appreciate Lucas Davenport and the recurring characters that appear throughout the series.

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